Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fact Families, Number Bonds, and More with Sushi Monster

App: Sushi Monster

Cost: Free

Subject Area: Math

Why buy?

Sushi Monster is GREAT! I was in a committee meeting this spring, talking apps with a colleague and she mentioned Sushi Monster. Of course, I wanted to see it right then, so she whipped out her iPad and showed me the app. I downloaded it that afternoon.

Sushi Monster is a math fact application created by Scholastic. In the game, you work to feed the monster the correct plates of sushi as quickly as you can. In each round, the monster is wearing a tag around his neck with a target number and you must select the plates that equal the number.
Beware- if you select the wrong plates- the monster gets very angry!

The game practices addition and multiplication skills. Your goal is to master all of the levels in both addition and multiplication with three stars in each level. You can earn stars by quickly answering the problems correctly.

Common Core Uses?

In truth, Sushi Monster is a pretty straightforward math fact and computation application. What I like about this particular app is that students are building an equation versus simply supplying a sum or product. The flexibility in thinking brings the game up a notch, in my humble opinion. Also, the target numbers are typically greater than ten and require some mental math skills in the higher levels.

In my Classroom: 

Similar to the other math fact apps that I have discussed, I will be making this available as a choice during guided math rotations. I will also include this as an app for parents to try at home. Since it is free, there really isn't a huge commitment on their part and KIDS LOVE it.

After downloading it this Spring, I gave it to my kids as a free choice app during their iPad center and the kids LOVED it. Many of them mentioned downloading it at home too.

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Have you tried Sushi Monster? How do you plan on using this app in your classroom?

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  1. I love sushi monster! My special needs kids really get a kick out of it, and I love that they are using their number sense. The only downside is that I feel that it moved really quickly to larger numbers. For example, the first level used single and double digit numbers, then it moved quickly to numbers in e thousands. But overall, it is a great app - especially for a freebie:-)

  2. I am so glad you can use my recommendation! My second graders begged to play this and several parents asked for the name of the app so they could download it at home. I do agree with " Miss Math" about the app moving quickly to much more difficult facts and that is why I probably won't use it with this year's class until third or fourth quarter.


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